Practical Pokayoke: Preventing Phone Charger Loss

This is awesome!

From Jon Miller at the Gemba Panta Rei blog (

 Practical Pokayoke: Preventing Phone Charger Loss

By Jon Miller | Post Date: October 19, 2010 8:58 PM | Comments: 5

This is an example of a great pokayoke (mistake proofing). My road warrior colleague Kent is prone to forget his phone charger, leaving them plugged in when he departs. The photo above shows the simple yet brilliant application of the mistake proofing principle known in Japanese and in lean circles as pokayoke. The key to effective and practical pokayokes is to make it physically impossible to perform a process incorrectly, forget a step or otherwise err. Following lean principles of “creativity over capital”, a low cost or no-cost method is preferred. In this example the car keys are physically linked to the cable of the charger, making it impossible to drive off to the airport without collecting the charter. That is of course, unless one has a pokayoke to prevent forgotten keys such as having an extra key in the wallet…

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