Can F1 Racing Help Airports Become Lean?

Innovation usually comes from unexpected sources. As I bring the Lean message to IT professionals at AT&T I continue to be amazed at how these principles with manufacturing origins fit neatly in the IT environment. The short video tells how the same concepts used in Formula 1 racing might be used in making airports more efficient. Who knows, maybe there is a lesson for Lean IT in here too.

Bob H

(CNN) — The world of Formula One may seem an unlikely source of inspiration for a major carbon-cutting initiative, but technology used for coordinating pit-stops is primed to slash emissions from airports across the globe.

According to Britain’s National Air Traffic Services (NATS), more than half the planes landing at London’s Heathrow airport are stuck in circles overhead — often for 20 minutes at a time — as they wait for its congested runways to clear.


  • London’s Heathrow airport hopes to cut C02 emissions by using motor racing technology
  • Software developed by F1’s McLaren reduces waiting time in pit-stops
  • Britain’s National Air Traffic Services, software could be use to cut air congestion


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