Caveat Venditor?

This word cloud resulted when people were asked,
“What are the first words you think of when someone says sales or salesman?”

Like it or not,
we are all in sales now.

Daniel Pink, 2012

Dan Pink continues to challenge our view of the world.  In his new book, To Sell is Human, The Surprising Truth About Moving Others; he shows us how the information age has changed the salesman / customer dynamic. The word cloud below results from the question, “What is the first word you think of when someone mentions the word salesman?”

This link ( is Dan speaking on this topic, but don’t stop here. This is a great book filled with insight that should alter your view of who is really selling in 2013.

I strongly recommend two of Dan’s previous works, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,  and A Whole New Mind. Both books rock long standing paradigms. Drive debunks the idea that financial bonuses positively motivate performance. (sorry… the data indicates the opposite is true) Whole New Mind challenges our view of what smart looks like.

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bh 2013-04-24


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