‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Says, ‘Safety …. Third’

Dirty_Jobs_Mike_Rowe.jpgOriginally posted by Kate O’Hare in November of 2009

Today’s cuppa: Mystic Monk Decaf Chocolate Mint Coffee (just for the flavor, then chased with full-caf office coffee)As any fan of Discovery Channel’s“Dirty Jobs” knows, Mike Rowe has his own view of the world and is not afraid to ruffle feathers (of course, he’s willing to do a lot more to farm animals than ruffle their feathers, but that’s a conversation for another time).

For example, the whole idea of green –specifically, the choice of that color to represent environmental awareness — irks him.

“Any fundamentally good idea,”he says, “is just a committee or two from being perverted into something that’s off-kilter.”

As a man who spends most of his working life caked in grime, Rowe always puts brown before green (he explains more about that at his website, www.mikeroweWORKS.com).

“We’re right with green,” Rowe says, “in terms of, obviously, what we’d like to see as an outcome — a healthy planet. No one’s opposed to that. But every single thing that ‘Jobs’ comes in touch with, I’m starting to realize, is essentially an opportunity to try to bring things back to a balance.

“So by putting brown before green, you know the whole argument, but it’s in a larger sense with work. If we’re disconnected from the environment, and we’re confused by the wrong choice of color, all of this pandemonium surrounding the issue makes sense.

“If our relationship with work is equally dysfunctional, and we’re confused by the definition of a good job, then that part of the DNA of the show starts to make sense.”

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