DMAIC: A great consulting tool

You don’t have to be a Six Sigma Black Belt to use DMAIC for problem solving. Whether you are an external big business consultant, or a new manager looking to improve performance, DMAIC should be in your toolbox.

Consultants Mind

DMAICDMAIC.  Ask any consultant, and I mean ANY consultant (strategy, process, IT) and they will know what DMAIC stands for.  It is an abbreviation  for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.  It is a tool often used in process improvement projects.  I am not a fan of jargon, but this one is worth learning, and using.  It’s good and keeps you on task.

If you hired a consultant and they used a five-box slide that looks like the one below to explain a project approach. . . chances are good it is some derivation of DMAIC .

DMAIC - Consulting blogWe use because it is simple, logical, and a good starting point.

D = Define. You need to define what problem you are looking at, and what your goal is.  Without this step, you might be solving the wrong problem (happens all the time).

M = Measure

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