How Technology is Improving the Environment

This is an outstanding article from Jesse H. Ausubel, Director of the Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University, about some of the positive aspects of technology’s impact on our world. Here is a teaser from the article:

“US Geological Survey data through 2010 shows that water use has now declined below the level of 1970, while production of corn, for example, has tripled 

Thanks to Russ Roberts (twitter handle econtalker) at for featuring Jesse Ausubel in the 8-24-2015 podcast titled: Jesse Ausubel on Agriculture, Technology, and the Return of Nature

Link to the original article:

How Technology Liberates the Environment


Despite predictions of runaway ecological destruction, beginning in the 1970s, Americans began to consume less and tread more lightly on the planet. Over the past several decades, through technological innovation, Americans now grow more food on less acres, eat more sources of meat that are less land-intrusive, and used water more efficiently so that water use is lower than in 1970. The result: lands that were once used for farms and logging operations are now returning as forests and grasslands, along with wildlife, such as the return of humpback whales off the shores of New York City (pictured above). As Jesse Ausubel elucidates in a new essay for Breakthrough Journal, as humans depend less on nature for the well-being, the more nature they have returned. Photo Credit: Artie Raslich / Getty Images.

Spring 2015 | Jesse H. Ausubel


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