How Granular should my (Personal) Kanban Board be?

Lots of us use a personal kanban to visualize our daily work. Kanban is a great way to see what you’re doing and what needs to be done. This article addresses a couple of real problems with kanban. How do I handle different types of tasks? What is the ‘right’ level of detail? I found this useful and I hope you will too.

Bob H 10/28/2016

This question comes up not only in Personal Kanban but also for teams and enterprise (portfolio) kanban boards as well. It is a great question – and quite often tricky to answer! What should be the level of work breakdown that gets visualized on the Kanban board? Should each card on your Kanban board be a project or a mini-project? Or should be each task that you can think of that you need to do at the lowest (smallest duration) level?

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