The Greatest Myth about Math Education 

Great piece from the Foundation for Economic Education

Math is important, but… even numbers-centric people, like engineers or actuaries, report that they use Excel and eighth grade mathematics in their day to day jobs. This article points out that many companies use degrees with high level math thinking as convenient filtering mechanisms. I’ve said for some time now that statistics should replace calculus at the top of the high school learning tree. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of calculus. Without calculus, the modern world as we know it might not exist. But, I have never had someone try to fool/influence me or others with calculus. If world citizens had a better understanding of statistics, we would not be so easily fooled by those seeking to get our votes or our money.

bh 2017-03-15

Higher mathematics should be offered and taken by those who need it, or want it; but never required of all students.

Source: The Greatest Myth about Math Education | Foundation for Economic Education