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Currently: I am currently a Buzz Kill* bulldog, working with concerned individuals across AT&T Technology Development who are willing to call out processes in the business that make work life more difficult than it needs to be. This grass roots effort is fast and promises to pay huge dividends going forward.

My current assignment fits well with my career path, since I have been involved in process improvement since 1988. Working side by side with front line people dedicated to making things better, I relish the challenge of making positive changes in a company the size of AT&T.

During my time at AT&T, I have led and supported Lean and Six Sigma projects supporting IT. My firsthand experience in designing, deploying, and implementing lean solutions made me a subject matter expert on Lean in non-manufacturing environments. In that role, I worked with the AT&T corporate Quality Management Systems Center of Excellence on a variety of Lean topics. I taught the COE’s 2 day lean classroom training and I partnered with them on the development of a process to identify and select kaizen leaders. I used my learning and development background to design, develop, and deliver a 1 day Lean seminar to members of IT’s new hire program. My class was part of their basic core training and I conducted this training in many locations across the United States.

My personal mission is to help people and groups learn how to succeed. To that end, I am a zealot in pursuit of simplicity, and a determined waste buster.

*A Buzz Kill is anything that gets in the way of a person’s work. Tech Dev people take time to write up and sponsor a “Buzz Kill” and our team assembles people who can help make things better. And A am an ‘official’ bulldog, having earned a BA in Economics from the University of Georgia. Goooooo Georgia Bulldogs! 

Past Experience: I spent 25 years with Delta Air Lines serving in various positions. During my time in Delta’s Call Center division, my innovations lowered annual costs by over $1.8 million. While in Delta’s In-Flight Service division, I was responsible for a training audience of more than 20,000 people worldwide. I led implementation of innovative performance-based learning practices across a wide array of In-Flight learning programs including; In-Flight Leadership, Ergonomics & Biomechanics, and the industry’s first Personal Defense training for in-flight cabin crews.
Background: I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Georgia.

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Bob Hubbard
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
AT&T Technology Development
Atlanta, Georgia 30075
C: 770-317-1841

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