Zigzag Image–Text Layouts Make Scanning Less Efficient

This is a great piece about how people actually take in information.
bh 2018-04-24

In two-column layouts, vertically aligned images support efficient scanning better than images that alternate placement with text.
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Leaders Should Be Adept at Asking Questions

More great tips from David Marquet. I highly recommend David’s “Leadership Nudge” series.
bh 4/18/2018

Let’s talk about how we ask questions as leaders. Some questions are better than other questions. You don’t want to ask a question where your people will have to respond negatively: “Have you completed the project yet?” “Well, no but we’re almost done.” Instead, ask a question that they can respond positively to: “Have you […]

via Leadership Nudge™ – Let Them Say Yes! — David Marquet

F-Shaped Pattern of Reading on the Web: Misunderstood, But Still Relevant (Even on Mobile)

This is great article from the Nielsen Norman Group showing how eye-tracking technology can help us better understand how people look at the messages we are creating.
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Eleven years after discovering the F-shaped reading pattern, we revisit what it means today.

Source: F-Shaped Pattern of Reading on the Web: Misunderstood, But Still Relevant (Even on Mobile)

I, Pencil, How Smart are We really?

 “I, Pencil: My Family Tree as Told to Leonard E. Read” originated as an essay by Leonard Read. First published in the December 1958 issue of The Freeman, it was reprinted in May 1996 and as a pamphlet entitled “I… Pencil” in May 1998. It can help us understand that we may not know as much as we think we know about anything, even the lowly pencil.

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Thanks to Statcast, baseball will never be the same

Statistics are everywhere, but nowhere are they more on public display than in Major League Baseball.

In case you missed it, Paul Casella’s 2015 article provides great insight into this wonderful new way to gather performance data.
bh 10/11/2017


By Paul Casella / MLB.com
April 24th, 2015

Have you wondered how fast the ball comes off of Giancarlo Stanton‘s bat? How much ground Andrew McCutchen actually covers in center field? Or just how fast Billy Hamilton really is? Thanks to Statcast, a revolutionary tracking technology, we can finally get definitive answers.

Statcast is already being utilized by Major League front offices, while fans have had the chance to see its groundbreaking abilities in breakdowns of last year’s All-Star Game and postseason, as well as on a few highlight clips this season. The technology will continue to be incorporated into every MLB Network Showcase game, and used to analyze player performance both on the Network and MLB.com.

Here’s a quick primer on what exactly Statcast can do and what it will mean for Major League Baseball:

MLB Tonight: Statcast demo

MLB Tonight: Statcast demo

Harold Reynolds and the MLB Tonight panel discuss how Statcast works to provide in-depth analysis for the future of baseball

What is Statcast?

Statcast, a state-of-the-art tracking technology, is capable of gathering and displaying previously immeasurable aspects of the game.

Click to read the entire article on MLB.com: Statcast primer: Baseball will never be the same | MLB.com

Got Frustration? Watch this Leadership Nudge from David Marquet

Another great nudge from L David Marquet (@ldavidmarquet)! I work in a gargantuan IT organization where leaders continually beat the drum telling leaders to empower their people. Sadly, I would rate our level of frustration far north of 63%. How about your organization?

bh 05/24/2017

How to know if Kanban is right for your team?

Is Kanban Right for your team? Yep.

This is a nice post from the folks at Breath Agile.

You’ve got the best performers in your team, yet they falter. If this sound familiar to you, it is time to look at a different approach that can help

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