Seeing Value in Everyday Work

Who is managing the value?

“Even though the people we manage are quite busy, the workflow itself is starting and stopping and starting and stopping.”

Alan Shalloway has a great, no nonsense way of communicating. This 7 minute video show why so many organizations have a disconnect between the work they are doing and the things that improve the quality and timeliness of their delivery. I’d love to hear your thoughts… does Al’s message ring true in your world? I know it sure does in mine! 🙂

Check out all the NetObjective videos at their YouTube channel


Mapping a Value Stream to a Kanban Board

Lean Leaders: I’ve attached a link to a video from Alan Shalloway at NetObjectives. In this video, Alan Shalloway describes the process of mapping a value stream to a Kanban board and why both are important in improving business-driven software development… and he accomplishes all that in 15 minutes.